Wordle 2

Wordle 2

Wordle 2 is the new version of the extremely addictive and challenging word game. The first edition of the game became very popular several years ago so the developers decided to create a new version with even more interesting gameplay and awesome modes. Our website hosts the web version of the Wordle 2 but if you would like to download it to your smartphones, just browse Google Play and Appstore, it is absolutely free.

Why Wordle 2 Is A Unique Game ?

Even though that there are a lot of different word games today available, I think that wordle is one of those that are both entertaining and useful because it is a great way to exercise your brain and have some fun at the same time. The rules of the game are simple - you have 6 tries to guess the hidden word and your mission is to use the clues to uncover it. You can write any 5-letter word in the box and find out which letters are used in the hidden word - if the color of the letter turns yellow, it means that the hidden word use this letter but in different location. If the letter turns green, the hidden word has it in the exact order. You can use five tries to find the letters but the last one should be the hidden word itself or you will lose. The game will change the hidden word after several hours so you can come back and play again.

Playing Wordle 2 with friends is a real fun - even though that the game does not have a direct multiplayer mode you can send the link to your friends and ask to solve the hidden word. Or you can even download the game to your smartphone and try to guess the word with your friends on a party. To sum up, Wordle is the game where not only kids can have a lot of fun but also grown ups.

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